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Re-worked the surfaces of rubber parts and replaced the main belt. All potentiometers and swtiches internal and externally acessible , trimpots and contacts deoxydized and lubricated, cleaned and demagnetized all elements in the tape path; all electroic calibrations checked and tweaked. About 7 hours of labor went into this deck.

The decks shown here record 4 channels, where "quadraphonic" records 2 or 4 channels at one time, and the "multi track" decks allow to record each channel separately, or several tracks at one time, while allowing to listen to other non recording tracks when recording. Multi-sync means that the playback signal is in "sync" with the recording signal or in other words that a played back track syncs with the one recording. This is important for multi track music work, or where audio material is recorded in layers, for over dubbing tracks to another track.

Multi Track decks are typically used in a recording studio environment. Panasonic 4 Channel Quadraphonic Deck: Shown: let This deck either records in stereo or quadraphonic, which means records either 2 or 4 channels. Simmultanious sync recording or over dubbing is not possible, so this deck is not suitable for recording studio work, but will work well for home entertainment, especially with quadraphonic Hi-fi equipment.

This deck is desinged to be used with 7" reels SOLD! This takes hours and hours of work time - actually: days of paistaking detail orineted work.

How to Restore a Reel to Reel Tape Recorder

Thus prices based on the work time and parts needed some are quite hard to find! Shop time to refurbish equipment to order applies to ALL units shown in this section! Mid-summer is ideal. It takes as much time as it takes. Thank you! All units shown in below pichture shown currently in original as found likely non working and unrefurbished condition.

Please note that Reel to Reel tape decks are among the most work intensive items to restore , as mechanics, electronics and alignments have to be perefect and to work perfectly together. Now to make matters even worse in terms of required work time, almost all of these decks shown here are point to point wired circuitry, which takes tremendous time to re-work on top of the above.

In restoration work I usually replace ALL capacitors and many of the rubber parts. Due to these large amounts of required work time, these items are only availalable with a restoration order from March through August. All other times please check in with me for a turn around time estimate, which in these times may be weeks.

If wanting to own for lowest possible price, please buy "AS-Is" and refurbish yourself. Not in a hurry to sell. It took years to find these amazing historic specimnes.

I prefer to sell to someone who will buy one of these to appreciate and actually USE fully refurbished for soulful music for decades to come! This page is about the soul and beauty and perfewction that is missing in modern merchandise of today! If you listened and cherrished music that was recorded before or ideally even earlier! I have the same passion about these decks and apply it to my work, to get these decks working right - for what ever it takes to do the job right, to get it done right the first time!

All units shown in below pichture shown currently in original as found - l non working not ready ot use and unrefurbished condition - refurbished to order or AS-IS All units shown in above pichture shown currently in original as found likely non working and unrefurbished condition - refurbished to order or AS-IS 1. This page is about the soul and beauty that is missing in modern merchandise!

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All units shown in below pichture shown currently in original as found - likely non working and unrefurbished condition - refurbished to order or AS-IS All units shown in above pichture shown currently in original as found likely non working and unrefurbished condition - refurbished to order or AS-IS 9. Roberts, later known as AKAI. Japanese made tube deck Model: M7 earlier version of M8. Later vesion thna which had the 2 amps seperate. M7 all tube amplified. Completely separate amplifiers for each chanel - each amplifier chassis contains it's own sub chassis and power supply, which would make it ideal to build 2 mono block amplifiers form - If that is what you are after: I have another pair of amplifiers from this type of model that I can sell - please inquire.

To be used with Model M7 or M8 tube decks. Perfect speakers for tube amplifiers, as low wattage less than 10W and high efficiency. Can be sold with a deck or alone. One of the sweetest and warmest tube reel to reel decks around. The is a tube amplfier with speaker in a box meant and makes forthe second "stereo"channel amplfier ot the system. This rig: The same model as 7, but includes the twin amplfier for stereo.

The can also be used as a stand alone mono tube amplfier. Model number: T Full stereo tube deck, records stereo. Comes with bag, owners manual and other printed materials. Can include the original Shure made Microphones. Stereo tube deck, records mono. Has stereo tube pre-amp fo rstereo playback. Comes with owners manual and can include the original Shure made Microphone. Model: Stand alone Stereo tube deck, mounted in a case with a stand alone Tube stereo amplfier and speakers.

A great opportunit for a tube stereo amp. Stereo tube deck for hook-up to external audio equipment , mounted in original suit case type case. And: More reel to reel and cassette decks that can be refurbished to order -not shwon here -are available. This is unbeleivable: a portable 's 2 suitcase professional field recording sertup that was used on location for live recordings - mono of course.

Concertone then was bought out by TEAC. A true piece of American History. The transport has 3 motors 5 heads 2 heads full track mono 3 hards half track mono , handles 10" reels. The amplifier case contains: the recording play back tube amplifier with Mic pre-amp of courcse! Finest components, finest quality, nice sound. Consider this if wantign to record the music that you perform in mono with vintage sound. I already did some mechanical work, so the unit basically works, but all capacitors need to be replaced.

From the days when mono dominated. Thsi unit was meant to be available as mono or stereo when adding the second tube amplifer. Shown here open, but I do have the original panes. This unt is perfect for studio applications to brimg warmth ans soul to your digital machinery. If I remeber correctly it is 19" wide. Unit includes it's lid and can come with the 2 original micrphones in original box. Here we have the succession of 1: A Stereo vaccum tube Concertone deck.

All tube amplified. Built with much more attention to detail than the later TEAC decks, which still are considered among the most rugged.

Vintage Analog Open Reel Tape Decks and Audio Recording Equipment For Sale

Sweet, very Sweet. There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. Reel-to-reel recording is one of the earliest forms of recording. TEAC vintage tape recorders are available in a variety of styles both new and used on eBay, and each unique design provides different benefits. Each of these recorders comes with controls that can simplify sound adjustments and recordings. These portable recorders are easy to transport because of their lightweight design.

A TEAC recorder will have a line-in port for audio wires. Many of these recorders will also have an output port. Both options have a spot for a left and right audio wire to produce stereo sound. If a part of your TEAC machine breaks or you just want to upgrade a part or two, accessories are available on eBay.

On a traditional tape recorder, there are sound gauges that measure wave frequencies. The panel on a gauge is constructed out of a tough plastic material, and the meter underneath the housing is also made of plastic. Depending on the model of TEAC recorder, a light may be mounted near the panel. This low-energy light illuminates the gauge so that you can do things like adjust the sound in dimly lit environments. A TEAC reel-to-reel recorder will have multiple knobs, and each knob manages sound frequencies for specific tasks.

The mic knob raises and lowers the volume levels during jam sessions, and the line knob and output knob manage sound frequencies. Many recorders will also have dozens of other buttons for things like programming, repeat, and sound adjustment functions. Different models of TEAC reel-to-reel tape recorders come with different track and channel options. The ASX-2T has two tracks.

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The more tracks and channels a recorder has, the more recording functions you can perform. This is an abbreviation for "inches per second. An ips of 15 would mean 15 inches per second.

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