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The Archives of Ontario holds a small number of records of the first Heir and Devisee Commission to and all of the records for the Second Heir and Devisee Commission to See the Archives of Ontario website for information about how to access their microfilm copies of Carleton County Surrogate Court Registers. To find out about other types of records for genealogy research, visit our Genealogy and Family History pages, including Topics. Visit Ontario Public Libraries to find a library in the province. There might also be a local archives in the area where your ancestors lived.

Ontario Page Content. Civil registration birth, marriage and death records Criminal records Land records Wills Other resources Ontario was one of the original provinces that founded the Dominion of Canada on July 1, European settlement began with the French and continued with the arrival of Loyalists in the s. Civil registration birth, marriage and death records Civil registration is a provincial jurisdiction. Upper Canada Land Board, to RG 1 L4 Land Boards were established in to facilitate settlement in the districts then known as Hesse, Nassau, Lunenburg and Mecklenburg by granting certificates of location to the early settlers.

Other Heir and Devisee records are held at the provincial archives, as described below.

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Land records at the Archives of Ontario Crown Land Records The Archives of Ontario holds numerous collections relating to land records such as land grants patents , fiats, warrants, orders-in-council, township papers and petitions. Canada Company fonds The Canada Company to was granted large tracts of lands in southwestern Ontario during the s, then leased and sold lots to settlers. See also the following book: Genealogical extraction and index of the Canada Company remittance books, , by Ruth Holt and Margaret Williams, Wills The administration of wills and estates is a provincial jurisdiction.

Older records are in the custody of the Archives of Ontario. A nominal list is available at the beginning of each Register. The microfilms are not digitized. They must be viewed on site at Library and Archives Canada. Archives of Ontario The provincial archives holds many sources for genealogy research. Free articles and helpful research materials. Baptisms at Niagara Bill Martin's Genealogy Page.

Has several articles for Ontario genealogical research, including lists of microfilm numbers for ordering from the archives or an FHC. Ontario Vital Statistics-Current Records.

Vital Records: (Where to Find Birth, Marriage, Death and Divorce Records for Genealogy)

Birth Registrations. The genealogical database of baptisms, marriages and burials is made accessible on this site by Groupe BMS It is the fruit of the cooperation of 24 genealogical societies of Quebec and Ontario. It covers the period from the beginning of the French colony until the end of the XXth century. Not only is it the most important database of verified genealogical data, which genealogists can consult on Internet, but also, the only one working on a cooperative basis and not belonging to private interests.

City Hall Birth Registrations. Death records for Ontario. A second use of "the banns " is as the prologue to a play, i. An example can be found in the Croxton Play of the Sacrament , a Middle English miracle play written sometime after In the book "North men" The viking Saga From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Official announcement of an upcoming marriage. Jus vigens current law.

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