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If you have the Voicemail to Text feature, you can add an automatic email option on My T-Mobile to retrieve your messages. Once added, every time you get a voicemail it will automatically send a text and audio copy to your email inbox. Got more questions about Visual Voicemail?

Listening to Messages

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Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page. On this page: Read me first Set up your voicemail Settings menu Save and delete messages Get messages in text. These menu options are available while your listening to a message 1 - Rewind 2 - Pause 3 - Fast forward 4 4 - Slow down playback 6 6 - Speed up playback. Get lost in the message menu? Need some help, try these key commands. Login to your My T-Mobile.

Select Phone in menu bar. Select Check Voicemail on the right side.


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Select Download, to save to a laptop or desktop. Forward messages All Devices, if voicemail is less than 30 days old: Press and hold the 1 key or dial on your device dial pad to call and connect to your voicemail. Listen to the message you want to forward. Once the message has played, press 6 on your device dial pad to listen to more options, then press 2 to forward the message.

Upgraded voicemail settings

Enter in the 10 digit number you wish to forward the message to and press. Additional 10 digit numbers can be entered. Once complete, press. The message has been forwarded. BlackBerry 7 or older : In the Visual Voicemail app , touch and hold a voicemail message. Tap Save As. Select the location, and tap Save. Windows Phone Unfortunately, Windows Phone doesn't have any way to back up voice mail messages - you could play them back via speakerphone and record them using the mic on a laptop or PC or you can follow the Save instructions above if the message is less than 30 days old.

Close Are you sure you want to delete this document? Contact us We're here to help. On an iOS smartphone you can look up your phone number by going to the Settings app and then clicking Phone. Your phone number will be listed here. Once you have verified your identity, you should be allowed to access to your voicemail. Contact your specific cell phone provider if you are unable to remember your code. They might be able to reset it for your over the phone and help you with any other problems.

Conducting an internet search for your particular provider should bring up a customer service number to call. In some cases, you might not need to press the call button but you usually will have to listen to an automated greeting before you can hear your voicemail. Check to make sure that the asterisk or the pound keys are the correct buttons to press.

Which key to press and when to push can depend on your cell phone provider. For most cell phone companies, it's often one of these buttons.

How To Hack Someone's Cell Phones Voicemail!

Try both, and if neither of them work than visit the website of your phone company or call customer service. Method 2. You will then enter your password and have access to your voicemail. Some modern phones allow you to just click the voicemail button on your machine and then enter your password. If calling from a phone not associated with your voicemail, dial your home phone number first and then hit the pound key when the automated greeting starts.

Enter your password at the prompt and you should be allowed access to your voicemail. Enter your password followed by the pound key and then you are all set. You will enter your ten digit home phone number followed by your password, and then from there all you have to do is follow the prompts over the phone and you are good to go. Enter your pass code. This should allow you access to your voicemail. Once you reach your mailbox, press 1 to listen to new messages. If you are calling from a phone that is not associated with the voicemail, first dial the 11 digit Vonage phone number for the voice mailbox you want to check and then follow the same steps.

Method 3. From here you will have access to all your voice messages right from your computer. Navigate to the Verizon Call Assistant webpage if you are a Verizon customer.

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You will want to enter your username and password. Don't be surprised if the website prompts you to authorize Verizon to access your phone records. Once you have authorized Verizon you can choose Calls and Messages from the left hand tab before clicking Voice Mails to access your messages.

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  5. This allows you to forward your voice messages to your email. Enter your username and ID and then press the messages tab. All your voice messages will be right there.

    Upgraded voicemail settings – FLOW

    You can empty your voicemail on your phone by hitting delete. After you hit that, you will see that at the bottom it says delete all. Press that and it will clear all of your messages. This is for an iPhone. Yes No. Not Helpful 3 Helpful 4. How would I find where my sent calls are logged for my landline phone? Your telco provider keeps these records.

    As their customer, you can request these records. Not Helpful 3 Helpful 2. There should be a button with the play symbol somewhere on the phone base that plays your voicemail. Not Helpful 10 Helpful 5.