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Depending on your specific situation, we may be able to help you with:. Call our Charlotte DUI lawyers today at to schedule your consultation. I am so grateful to them for their dedication, effort, and hard work. We are highly experienced with all of the following, and more: Suppressing Breathalyzer evidence that was obtained improperly or is demonstrably unreliable Demonstrating that the police did not honor constitutional rights during the arrest and subsequent actions Engaging in pretrial motions.

More Testimonials. Your results could be suppressed if there was:.


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Grossly aggravating factor in N. What could happen to me if I am arrested for DWI with a minor child in my vehicle? Do I have to tell my employer about my DWI arrest?

However, there are a few situations when disclosing this information is required: Employee contract or handbook. Some employers have a provision in an employee contract or handbook requiring employees to disclose certain criminal offenses. It is important to read the applicable contract or handbook sections to determine what offenses must be disclosed and whether the requirement is to tell the employer about an arrest or a conviction. Certain jobs. Truck drivers, postal workers, air traffic controllers, and other employees who drive for their job may have a duty to disclose a DWI arrest to their supervisor for insurance purposes.

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In addition, individuals in the military must report a DWI to their chain of command. Security clearance. Some security clearances require employees to report a DWI arrest. It is important to review the security clearance paperwork to determine if this is a condition of the security clearance. Company car. Employers often require employees who drive a company vehicle to disclose DWI arrests because of insurance issues.

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Professional license. Individuals who have a professional license, such as a doctor, lawyer, nurse, dentist, pharmacist, and real estate agent, may have to report an arrest for DWI to their licensing board. However, some licensing boards only require this when a license is issued or renewed. State of North Carolina v. Even so, facts that may distinguish a case from the facts in Foreman , could include: Time of the Stop i.

Will I be required to install an interlock ignition device on my vehicle after a DWI conviction?

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What Is an Interlock Ignition Device? You were convicted of more than one DWI during a seven-year period. Your impairment was due to alcohol and not any other substance, such as drugs. Your blood alcohol content BAC was 1.

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You have a safe driving record. You were polite and cooperative when arrested. Can the police search my car after pulling me over for driving while impaired in North Carolina? These include the following: Probable cause. If the police have probable cause to believe that you are participating in criminal activity or that there is evidence of a crime in your vehicle, they can search your vehicle without a warrant. Examples of probable cause include seeing something in plain view, such as a gun or drugs, smelling marijuana or alcohol in your vehicle, or observing your bloodshot eyes or an odor of alcohol.

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  • The police may be allowed to search your vehicle incident to your arrest to look for guns or other evidence relating to your arrest. If you consent to the search of your vehicle, the police would be permitted to do so. You should not consent to the search of your vehicle as you would be waiving your right to challenge the search if evidence is found that can be used against you.

    Your refusal to permit a search without a search warrant cannot be used against you later in court. How can I challenge my blood test results in my DWI case? Here are some defenses that may apply to your case: Lack of qualifications. The person administering the test must be qualified to do so. Your attorney can examine the training and experience of the person who administered your test to see if this is a basis for a defense. Even if the person was qualified, if there are other questions of his competency, such as cases of his falsifying records, this could lead to challenging the use of the blood test against you.

    Chain of custody. In DWI cases, the police are required to follow specific guidelines in handling the evidence—including the blood drawn from you and your test results.

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    To ensure that they were not tampered with, the police must account for them at all times or the chain of custody may be broken. Mislabeling the test tube or misplacing it for a period of time are two examples of when the chain of custody might be broken. If the chain of custody is broken in your case, the blood test result could be excluded from evidence in your criminal case. Blood testing machines often need to be calibrated, like breathalyzers, to ensure that they work properly.

    In some cases, the calibration of the equipment used in a blood test may not be properly done and could lead to an error in the results. In this situation, the test results could be excluded or the accuracy questioned. Blood samples must be properly stored or it can result in elevated error rates. The yeast, sugar, and bacteria in the blood can ferment if not stored correctly—which can lead to inaccurate test results. If your blood sample was improperly stored, the results may be inadmissible. However, we can typically get your driving privileges reinstated almost immediately.

    We do this by either, first, challenging this civil license revocation, or second, getting you a limited driving privilege. Whether you realize it or not, a considerable amount of evidence exists regarding your DWI charge, much of which is vital to an effective defense of your case. We will review your court file, subpoena necessary documents, videos, and notes, and file the appropriate pretrial motions in a timely manner. As former prosecutors, we are aware of all the potential defenses that may be available to you. We do not automatically assume you intend to plead guilty and face the harsh consequences associated with a DWI conviction.

    We pledge we will examine every possible defense and take your case to trial if it is in your best interest. If you are ultimately convicted of DWI, we will help you take every step possible to reduce the potential penalties, such as avoiding jail time, keeping you driving, reducing monetary costs, and more. Probationary Conditions.