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Read more. Shelley Ketcham. Thank you! August Heckendorf. It is stressful whenever family matters arise. I found myself in a situation requiring immediate attention. After phoning several law firms they all were booked a week out; time which I did not have. I phoned Susanne's office and she immediately took Timothy Dumaine. I do not know what I would have done without Sue. She is the most kind hearted, passionate women.

When we had our initial phone conference I immediately Esther Elizondo. Change is difficult for all of us. Do not try to do this divorce on your own.

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Divorce proceedings are not something to be learned on the job. In fact, that could be disastrous for you. Instead, accept that you may need help from many different quarters. From friends and family. From pastors and mentors.

From a trusted advisor who knows you and wants only the best for you. This is the time to hire the right divorce attorney to represent you, someone to protect your rights and advocate your case at every crossroad. You must do what is best for you and your family.

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Seldom does that equate with existing in a marriage where there is no love, or where there is depression and sadness, constant bickering, anger and frustration, or hurtfulness. Let the past go.

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Do not hold yourself to a promise that cannot be kept without surrendering your very identity. Divorce is not failure. Divorce is the opportunity to fix something at the very heart of your life that does not work. We know divorce can be extraordinarily difficult given the emotional issues that you may also be coping with. We can help if you ask us. Divorce is a life-changing experience for every Arizona family who goes through it. To be successful, you need confidence in the legal representation and in the court proceedings.

Reaching the decision to end a marriage is enormously difficult, but once marriage counseling and other alternatives to breaking-up are exhausted, it is time to move on. With divorce pending, approach every proceeding rationally and practicably. Keep your cool. Be prepared.

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At Stewart Law Group, we work as a well-trained team. Each of our divorce attorneys is dedicated to helping every client secure a better future.

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We place special emphasis on helping each person make a successful transition to life after divorce. We work very closely with our clients to effectively evaluate their situations and give them useful options.

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We accomplish this while taking into consideration the financial, legal, and psychological impact divorce and child custody cases can have. We always put our clients first. At Stewart Law Group, the future of every Phoenix family and child matters to us. Arizona Family Law Attorneys Your Arizona divorce and child custody case are certain to change life as you now know it. Child Custody in Arizona Law Whether the Arizona case ahead is a divorce with young children or determination of custody between unmarried parents, court proceedings and discovery are designed to uncover relevant facts and circumstances.

Child Support in Arizona Law Child support will be ordered in conjunction with custody orders. Property Settlement in Arizona Divorce With divorce comes property settlement , requiring identification of assets and debts, valuation of community property, and final division of the marital estate. Spousal Maintenance in Arizona Divorce In every Arizona divorce or legal separation , there may be an award of financial support for one spouse to be paid by the other. What to Expect from Your Arizona Divorce Team You can rely on us to expertly guide you through the divorce process, and to get you through it as quickly as possible.

As a client-focused law firm, we believe: You and your divorce are unique, presenting specific legal and personal issues for final resolution. Never accept a boilerplate, fill-in-the blank divorce where your personal story is meaningless.

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You need a legal strategy that resolves all outstanding issues in the most favorable manner possible for you and your children. Do not expect to stumble onto a winning legal strategy, that may work in the movies but seldom in real life. You want excellent legal representation at a reasonable fee. You want to preserve as much money for your family as possible.

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We want the same for you. Our transparent rate structure will allow you to anticipate what your divorce expenses will be at each step in the divorce process, so you can manage your finances at all times. You want the best that technology can offer you in your divorce. We leverage technology, constantly upgrading, to provide you with all the tools you need to make your divorce easier and the results better. Start with the divorce information hubs and child support calculator apps on this client-focused website.

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Each divorce attorney with the Stewart Law Group has the expert resources necessary to handle your case, and to handle it very well. Whether you have a professional practice, substantial wealth, military pension, diversified portfolio, multiple residences, or young children from more than one marriage, you can put your confidence in us. Divorce Changes Everything Have you already separated? Were You a Child of Divorce? Confidence to Move Forward After Divorce Divorce is a life-changing experience for every Arizona family who goes through it.

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In the event that litigation is necessary, we will fight aggressively, without hesitation, to protect your rights. We welcome you to read more about our divorce and separation practice areas and to contact Shaffer Family Law for a no-cost initial consultation. In a contested divorce, one spouse files a petition for divorce, and the other spouse files a response because he or she disagrees with the petition. The respondent may disagree with some or all of the things the petitioner is asking for. There are a few ways for an uncontested divorce to take place in Arizona. In this case, the court is like… Read More.

In divorce mediation, the parties meet each other on a level playing field with a mediator who serves as a neutral third party to facilitate appropriate and reasonable solutions to all the issues that need to be decided. Mediation may not be appropri… Read More. If you hope to reconcile with your spouse or are philosophically opposed to divorce, a legal separation may be an option for you.

Legal separation also may offer financial advantages over divorce. If you live in the Valley or the surrounding com… Read More. Military life is stressful both for enlisted men and women and their families. Add this to the stress of ordinary life and obligations, and it is not surprising that divorce is at least as prevalent in military families as in civilian ones.