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List: Names, details of 301 Pa. priest sex abuse allegations in Catholic dioceses

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Former teacher becomes sixth person to be jailed for pupil sex assault at top private school

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Surgeon, registered sex offender among 8 arrested in child predator sting 'Back to School III'

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Then one was part of a tragedy. This week, it was applied to 5 Chicago teens charged in a fatal Lake County shooting. Cavise: "Gun Offender Dashboard has deep flaws". Every person listed can be seriously harmed by his or her presence on the list. You may not think of a job as a gun violence prevention tool, but according to Arne Duncan, it is. They are supporting research to evaluate the effectiveness of the programs in the hope of passing the baton to city, county and state government.

Cook County Circuit Judge Sanjay Tailor issued the ruling in response to a lawsuit filed by Injustice Watch co-director and longtime journalist Rob Warden, whose request for photographs of nine officers was denied by the department.

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But no gun was found — until 3 months later. Lyle, the incoming chair of the Illinois Judicial Council, wants to expand its efforts of reaching out to young people through its scholarship and school programs. Lyle also stressed the importance of continually working to increase diversity on the bench. Outside his bedroom, almost two dozen SWAT officers were executing a search warrant for his mother's boyfriend.

That's when the fast-moving events on the early morning of May 26 converged into the terrifying moment Amir Worship, who was shirtless, was shot in the knee by an officer, according to the family's lawsuit filed Thursday in Cook County Circuit Court alleging negligence. We are supposed to have 85 psychiatrists; we actually have fewer than No one gets better on suicide watch. Another man has accepted a plea deal and the third continues to prepare for his case to go to trial next month. The bill also creates a task force to examine ways of preventing suicides among first responders. The task force is supposed to issue a report to lawmakers by Jan.

But it does shed light on how cases of alleged gun offenders are handled by the courts. Neighbors said they did not trust police and did not even want to be seen talking to them. The killers are well-stocked with high-capacity magazines. The Dayton killer managed to kill nine people in 30 seconds.

It is unnecessary, and wrong, for civilians to possess that type of firepower. The 7th U. So WBEZ has prepared a list of basic questions and answers about bail in Cook County to help you navigate the conversation and keep the facts straight. All medical care should be provided by professionals who have expertise in treating transgender people. The place is for longtime inmates of the plus Illinois correctional facilities, who write essays as to why finishing their final years at this intensive career education and counseling facility would benefit them.

But for years has not thought about how to assist through its own agencies in reducing the recidivism rate in Illinois,' Wolff said. House of Representatives passed a bill that would require a background check for all firearms purchases. The Republican-led Senate balked. Time for hearts and minds in that deliberative body to change.

They include universal background checks and limits on magazine capacity. Extra police. City services. Drug addiction help. Both volunteered with MASK, and they were both mothers. Morning Shift talks to the founder of MASK on how the group is seeking justice for the two women killed, their families and their neighborhood. Eddie Johnson: "Chicago is getting safer, though much more work remains to be done". But enough has been studied to point her in the right direction.

Search Cold Cases

The state still has more heft to drive existing resources to some of these communities than the city can alone. Seeking to highlight and eventually change a criminal justice system it contends makes it too easy for some gun offenders to return to the street, the Chicago Police Department on Monday unveiled a publicly accessible database that tracks the bond amount that judges issue for such crimes. The 'Gun Offenders Dashboard' also tracks whether those accused of the weapon offense were able to come up with the cash and go free.

The alerts allowed officers to avoid having to go before a judge to obtain an arrest warrant, but an Illinois Appellate Court found the practice violated the state constitution for that very reason. The study, Network exposure and excessive use of force being published in Criminology and Public Policy, suggests that problem officers can transmit bad behaviors to other cops, and that departments might be able to reduce excessive force incidents by keeping such officers away from colleagues, particularly young and inexperienced officers.

CARL C. Carl C. Bell, South Side psychiatrist who spent career serving African American community, dies at 71". Carl Bell, a distinguished South Side psychiatrist who dedicated much of his work to helping the African American community and issues of violence, died early Friday at age The National Institute of researcher spent most of his career confronting the impact of violence-related trauma on child development.

Bell also worked on violence prevention, criminal and juvenile justice reforms and prevention. Carl Bell Dead at 71". Her policies, she says, have helped reduce by about 4, the total number of people incarcerated and held in jail pending trials. Now it seems clear they are taking a new approach that eliminates unwise and arbitrary decisions. Will state death penalty bans hold up? As the juvenile probation officer who makes sentencing recommendations to the judges, her opinion holds great weight. This week on staff writer Mary Schenk's podcast, 'Legally Speaking,' Hewkin shares insight into the work of the juvenile probation officers.

The project brings together artists from all over Chicago to approach the topic of mass incarceration from a new perspective, said Gabrielle Lyon, executive director of Illinois Humanities, the nonprofit putting on the show. Each shooting expands the number of traumatized Chicagoans: family and friends of victims, neighbors, schoolmates. They include the eight children of Grant and Stoudemire who lost their mothers.

And Nylia and her brother and cousins. Even children too young to understand are busily absorbing the chaos around them. Researchers know that early exposure to violence can have lifelong effects, especially before age 5, when the brain is growing rapidly. Children exposed to chronic violence can become fearful, demonstrate aggression, anxiety, depression, sadness and have difficulty feeling secure, according to the Erikson Institute. The two women had spent two years working with Mothers Against Senseless Killings MASK , a team of moms who put on events and offer a safe space for kids in the community.

The criticism is misleading because pretrial defendants released on bond are not driving the weekend crime statistics. In fact, Because of this historic reform, thousands of people across Cook County, all of whom are presumed innocent as a matter of law, have been able to keep their jobs, homes, custody of their children and more while awaiting their trial, actually strengthening their communities rather than destroying them.

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To talk about what that means, and what is being asked by state and nationwide advocates, reporter Daisy Contreras spoke to Sharlyn Grace, executive director for the Chicago Community Bond Fund, an organization that works with other partners to end cash bond and pretrial incarceration. So, if you missed it, here it is : We wish to make clear through this dissent that the Board's goal is to impress upon members the Department of the importance of telling the complete truth inclusive of the relevant circumstances and context.

The Board regards a Rule 14 violation among the most significant actions to be judged by the Board. An officer's responsibility to tell the truth is at the heart of Rule 14 and at the heart of community trust in the police. The police know more about you than you realize. Daley in , said in an emailed statement. Data obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request filed by Lucy Parson Labs, a police accountability and transparency nonprofit in Chicago, shows that Chicago police executed 11, search warrants between and , most of them heavily concentrated in the South and West Side of the city.

The legislative campaign that Tamms Year Ten spearheaded succeeded in closing the prison. The photo-request project continued, in affiliation with the watchdog group Solitary Watch. Pritzker, has yet to implement, according to Ruddell. The State Police conducted a criminal investigation but no charges were filed. And in the U. The lawsuit alleges that basic protocol required for forced cavity searches of women were not followed and that as a result, Talafhah suffered 'cruel and unusual' punishment and psychological damage.

Stamps was nominated by Gov. JB Pritzker to the position and must be confirmed by the Illinois Senate. Previously, prosecutors had 10 years to bring charges if an offense was reported to law enforcement within three years after it occurred. All but one decided to keep the deals they had. All asked their names not be used. Yet, most crime in the city is roughly on par with and, in some cases, actually down, according to recent statistics from the Peoria Police Department.

The year-old is the new national director of events and philanthropy for Students on Safety, a Texas-based student-run and -led not-for-profit organization formed in February that has more than 70 chapters across the country. He was As a matter of ordinary decency, the intrusion on physical privacy should be limited to what is required for a valid purpose. Female inmates who were menstruating were told to remove their tampons, not given replacements and experienced blood dripping on their bodies or the floor.

The officers can challenge their dismissals by filing lawsuits in Cook County Circuit Court. The first is that such a indefensible act is never repeated. The second is that any officer who does violate CPD regulations or the law will face consequences. Chicagoans deserve a police force they can trust. At issue is the politically charged response of police unions to two controversial shootings. The reporting revealed the devastating trauma on families across Chicago, and the lack of trust in law enforcement, left in the wake of these raids.

Along with a dozen other teens, Darrion was attending a first responder training course held by a youth-led anti-violence organization, Good Kids Mad City. Every three years you have to start over again,' CPD Supt. Eddie Johnson told the Chicago Sun-Times. All are sorely needed, and city-county cooperation is required to get them done. Discussion of the tight rope they walk came on the first day of 40 hours of required training for school police officers. While school-based police officers have attended crisis intervention training and other general sessions, this is the first time in a decade the department has mandated formal training.

One change reflected the advances of science and changing social norms: It set a minimum blood content level of THC — the compound that gives marijuana its high — before a positive test became a criminal violation. Senate Bill , sponsored by Sen. Elgie R. Sims Jr. Rockford is one of five cities across the country to receive funds from the U. Now it has to figure out who gets tracked—and why". The legislation comes after a heated state judiciary hearing during which advocates and legislators criticized the misuse of electronic monitoring, and an independent report that showed how little data the Prisoner Review Board and Department of Corrections kept on those they placed on tracking devices.

From October through December , fewer than of about 24, Cook County defendants released from custody — about 0. Eddie Johnson says". Eddie Johnson had blamed repeat gun offenders for much of the violence. Lightfoot agreed, and said CPD must communicate better with courts, 'particularly about the necessity of keeping these violent gun offenders off the streets. We caught up with Mayor Lori Lightfoot on a periodic appointment during her first seven weeks — visiting violence-plagued communities after dark, seeking insight on Chicago violence from those wrestling with it.

A complex blend of decisions is behind the drop — ranging from the highest reaches of power in the General Assembly down to individual police on the beat. Hampton was sentenced to 10 years in prison for burglary. But the video shows Ortiz jumping on Bolton and unleashing a flurry of flailing punches even as Bolton remains with his hands clasped behind his back. Ortiz continued to slam Bolton into the ground as two other officers moved to handcuff Bolton, who suffered head injuries. State and local leaders met for a Juvenile Justice Initiative forum. Four out of the top five counties in the state that admit youth into detention centers are located in Central Illinois.

The county houses people for the U. Marshals Service and Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Judge Colin Bruce will return to his full slate of duties Sept. Bruce has not been hearing criminal cases since August. Corrections and another agency — the Prisoner Review Board — can't seem to agree which state entity is responsible for that.

While the low rating for electronic monitoring did not prompt lawmakers to zero out funding, it is giving at least some of them pause. To Sterling, the image was an amulet, a prayer frozen in time. One year after Sterling received it, he was granted parole. After working as a correspondent for the Pantagraph for two decades, she took on the role of court reporter in To this day, both adults say it was a terrible accident. We take you on a behind-the-scenes tour inside the former jail and administrative office spaces.

But often times, that comes after a person is booked into the system. Leaders in the black community are calling a program passed as a part of the marijuana bill a win for the state. District Judge Ruben Castillo. At least two cases dealing directly with the U. The facility can hold up to The positive feedback led to a second six-week session in the fall and then the third, which ran from April through mid-May. Each served at least 25 years in prison for drug crimes.

Both men, now in their early 50s, were released this year and were featured guests Sunday on The Unapologetically Ignorant Podcast, marking their first public interviews since being released. But Wayside Cross Executive Director James Lukose said his staff received the news with shock and sadness, considering the over nine decades Wayside has spent in the community trying to reform men. Wolf, the legal director for the American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois who for years has made his mark representing people with mental illnesses and children in state custody, is stepping down.

Pritzker expected to sign bill into law Tuesday that would legalize marijuana in Illinois on Jan. Pritzker is expected Tuesday to approve a plan to legalize marijuana in Illinois next year, marking a momentous shift in how the state treats drug use. He pointed to a Miami-Dade County program, which instead uses civil citations to get many kids out of the system as quickly as possible.

The vehicle will be used at the parade, according to department spokesman Anthony Guglielmi. Critics says the system lets too many dangerous criminal go free. Judge Evans answers the critics. With the deputy holding no real authority, the Smollett case made its way through the court system without a prosecutor at the helm, the veteran judge said. She said that she had followed the advice of her chief ethics officer, April Perry, when deciding to recuse herself. That prompted a rebuke from Ms.

Perry, who left the office soon after the charges were dropped. Perry said in a statement that in February, she had advised that Mr. Magats ask a court to appoint a special prosecutor, but that Mr. Magats responded that Ms. Foxx had decided against it. The Associated Press and the Capital News Service investigate troubling questions about whether deaths could have been avoided.

He stands there for a moment, looking at a surveillance camera, before stepping inside and closing the closet door. About an hour later, a guard appears — and finds that Devin Lynch, a year-old Marine, has taken his life. Louis, where he would spend 14 months getting clean. But Acting Director Brendan Kelly said the state police are not going to be able to dramatically reduce the backlog on their own. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The muzzle memos are the latest episode in what may be the longest running soap opera in local politics: dysfunction in Winnebago County government.

It's a private spot, it has a table and chairs, and it's not in a germy bathroom. Within five days, she landed a job working for what was known then as U.

Cellular Coliseum. And, if she had followed her first thoughts in college, she would be working somewhere in the science or medical fields. But Nancy J. Louis for the last 21 years in different capacities. It was a great day for a picnic. Johnson: "Media Frame: Using gun fears to demagogue bail reform". Last year, Employee Assistance Program members visited each police district to encourage officers to seek help if they were struggling emotionally.

Department leaders said it was the first attempt at such outreach. Burge was never charged directly in any of the torture allegations, but he was fired from the department in Mulroe heads to the judiciary" Chicago Daily Law Bulletin: "Court finds stalking law unconstitutional" Chicago Daily Law Bulletin: "Bauer's 67 years serving the public was well worth it". Bauer discussed his 67 years in public service as well as growing up on the South Side of Chicago and then Elmhurst during the Great Depression. Burke: "Statement on 7th Subcircuit vacancy" Chicago Tribune: "Chicago alderman, religious leaders want Cook County judicial nomination reversed".

Pro-immigrant activists have spoken at County Board meetings for months. But he also would attend the National Night Out programs or neighborhood events. Louis prisoners fill Pike, Greene sandbags". As a teenager, Michael joined a gang and fell out of touch with his dad—then he was convicted of murder and sent to prison himself. For almost 20 years, Michael and Kenneth have been incarcerated at Stateville Correctional Center, both serving life sentences.

Prison officials would not allow the Keys to be interviewed together, but in separate phone conversations, father and son talked to The Marshall Project about rekindling their relationship behind bars. At the time, they were living in cells next to one another. I find this outrageous.

But unfortunately, to the people who are incarcerated, this is just one of a series of indignities that they face by virtue of their imprisonment. Charles girls speaks up for stronger gun laws" Terre Haute Tribune-Star: "Some Illinois gun stores closing their doors". They say the change would follow research on how, and when, young brains develop, and would mirror successful changes made in some European countries.

Right now, the cut-off for juvenile court eligibility in Illinois is Ed Burke". Never before have we had a prosecutor prioritize resources for more serious cases, while diverting less serious cases — until Foxx. Researchers evaluated the Pathway to Enterprise for Returning Citizens PERC program, which offered training in entrepreneurship and other resources to those returning from Illinois prisons to Cook County. Pritzker signature away from taking effect in Thirty-eight of the 48 respondents were willing to attach their name to a number. Here's what they had to say. Pritzker must apply the same reasoning to immigration detention centers and sign a bill passed by the Legislature to bar private facilities from Illinois.

The panel remanded the case for resentencing. Wadas resentenced the man to 39 years. Ginsburg directs the Education Justice Project, a college in prison program that offers University of Illinois classes to men incarcerated at the Danville prison in east-central Illinois. Illinois Newsroom by Lee V. Under the same circumstances and faced with the same level of danger, cops tended to resolve the situation without firing their weapons much more often for white citizens than black citizens. The new hires are trained to become beekeepers and learn about harvesting honey, production, filling orders, packaging, shipping and selling.

Kelly Cassidy D-Chicago and Jehan Gordon-Booth D-Peoria said this yearslong and statewide effort has taught them a lot, but it mostly reinforced their friendship with each other. Pritzker's desk that would require all law enforcement officers to take human trafficking training and allows for a longer time to prosecute offenders. La Shawn Ford has reintroduced a bill to end the practice. She risked her life to stop them. That was a year ago. But even now his family and the general public know almost nothing about what happened between Earvin and guards at Western Illinois Correctional Center on May 17, We are teaching these reformers this lesson of fear by allowing the controversy surrounding one nonviolent incident to take all the oxygen, teaching them that it can obliterate the history-making reforms happening in our county.

But they might have saved the lives of five people in Aurora on Feb. He graduates this weekend. And that's a start. It also shows that the way people respond to questions on this subject depends on how they are framed. Everyone says, look at New York. You want Indiana and Wisconsin next to you? With no disrespect for our Times colleagues: Had the mayor submitted his piece to the Tribune for publication, we would have performed heavier editing. A new report says CPD is failing them. Few of those postings spark violence, he said. Appellate rulings repeatedly criticized him for not properly considering issues raised by defense lawyers.

The vast majority of released defendants appear in court for all hearings.